Every Viola formulation has been designed with the best quality organic (certified) ingredients from Canada and around the world. Sourcing ingredients, which only contain the highest level of available vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, means every skin care formulation has been designed for maximum results. Each ingredient has been carefully chosen for its ability to feed, nourish, hydrate and protect the skin effectively and safely. Many of the oils and nut butters used in Viola’s formulations have the natural ability to minimize ageing, protect from the elements and repair previously damaged skin cells.

In our view, it makes so much sense to feed your skin and body with only the best-quality organic oils and natural plant extracts whenever possible. Not only are you supporting and encouraging your own health, these oils have been found to produce far better results in skin cell improvement and in fighting the signs of aging.

Naturally we do not use any of the “Nasty’s” so many of us have become and are becoming aware of, such as synthetic chemicals, Nano particles, GMO’s…. ALWAYS read the ingredients  list.  Viola Organics assures that their products have not come into contact with any chemical interference throughout the entire manufacturing process, from start to finish (from the ground to the jar). We are in the process of organic certification.

Our products are made by hand in small batches and shipped direct to you fresh from our premises. This ensures their quality and potency is at its maximum.

To gain the best from our products we recommend they be stored in a cool place, away from light as this diminishes quality, and use contents preferably within 12 months of purchase.


The vision of Viola Organics is to build a trustworthy reputation as a leading manufacturer and distributor of certified organic and sustainable personal care and household products. We endeavour to be known for our integrity, high quality ingredients, effective products, environmental responsibility and good customer service. We would like to see our products become a household name in Canada.



The mission of Viola Organics is to provide high quality, certified organic, sustainable and effective personal care and household products. We endeavour to inspire and educate our customers about organic and sustainable living, promoting health, happiness and vitality for generations to come.