ESTABLISHED in 1986… how it all started                  

In 1985 Viola Organics’ founder, Pam Blowers, was diagnosed with cancer. A re-occurrence in 1986 inspired her to create a range of natural skin-care products for personal use. This desire to nurture one’s health and feed the body with only the purest ingredients nature had to offer was to be her salvation, not to mention the beginning of a very successful business.

The journey has been absolutely amazing. Pam’s determination resulted in a health plan, which succeeded, and she has been well since 1987. She believes this can be attributed to chemical-free living.

In the years since, products have been formulated with ingredients so pure and effective, which gives you the assurance that every Viola product will enhance not harm.

When Pam stepped back from the company in 2003, she passed on the unique formulations she had developed to her daughter. Janine is committed to developing Viola Organics in the same altruistic spirit as her mother.

Viola Organics continues to lead the way with the largest certified range of personal-care products made in New Zealand. Being organic and certified by Bio-Gro NZ since 2003 gives them a stamp of approval that no one needs to question.

They’ve met the high standard and are proud of it.

2014 Viola Organics opens in Canada.viola-organics-canada2

Janine has shared these unique formulations with Teri knowing she is committed to developing Viola Organics in Canada with the same altruistic spirit as her and her mum before her.

It is with great excitement that we announce the opening of Viola Organics in Canada. Yes, we have been so fortunate to acquire these unique formulations, enabling us to offer Canada, Canadian Made products with ingredients so pure and effective, that provide a completely natural, organic, never tested on animals, eco-friendly line specifically designed for maximum results. Now that’s Pure Luxury!

(Organic certification is in progress)

How did Viola Organics get their name?

The story about the name is quite cute, Pam who started the business used to dry Viola (wild pansy) flowers from her garden and glue them to the lids of all the pots of creams she made. Her business name began as Pam’s Herbs as that was her real passion – herbs for medicinal uses. The creams were so sought after, selling as fast as Pam could make them, she did not have enough garden to keep up. Hence the name Viola Products was born! It was changed to Viola Organics (New Zealand) when Janine took over and became organic certified in 2003.

Then you ask why is there a second viola flower on the label?

The first flower makes me think of Pam and her amazing journey, (retired in 2003).  When Pam retired she felt fortunate to have a daughter that had the same passion and love to take on Viola Organics, because Janine believed so passionately in Viola Organics I thought there now needs to be something that makes me think of her, I then added the second viola to represent Janine, for her passionate beliefs in Viola Organics, for carrying on and developing it with the same altruistic spirit as her mother, while keeping the traditions alive and never loosing site of how it all began. For her “labour of love” for being a “Green Goddess” for making Viola Organics a way of life and not just a business!  Thank you Janine!