Calendula for your daily skin care regime

calendulaCalendula has been used for centuries to benefit skin. This herb grows naturally in the Mediterranean, and while it has played a major role in natural skincare for thousands of years, many of its health benefits still stand strong today. As well as being a great addition to your beauty routine, calendula has medicinal benefits. Learning more about its properties can help you determine which calendula products are right for you, and how you should use them.

Calendula for Sensitive Skin

From the smallest babies to adults whose skin suffers from a medical condition like eczema, thousands of people across Canada have sensitive skin. Fortunately, we no longer live in an age where having sensitive skin means you have to avoid beauty products altogether. Calendula oil has soothing properties that makes it ideal for sunburns, rashes, and other mild skin irritations.

If you are a parent, you may be familiar with the heartache that sees your little one suffering from diaper rash. Applying calendula baby cream to such rashes avoids the chemicals that commercial brands may pack into their products, while ensuring your baby’s skin heals naturally. Thanks to the naturally oily properties of calendula oil, it is as good as a preventative treatment as it is as a reactive treatment. Applying a little at the first diaper change of the day means you provide a barrier between your baby’s skin and the acidic nature of urine and faeces. The end result is a happy infant, and an equally happy parent.

If you are impressed by the gentle nature of this herb and how it benefits your baby, consider using it for your personal battles as a mother. Calendula-based nipple cream is a lovely alternative to lanolin, which isn’t a product many vegan or vegetarian mothers wish to use. With an absence of sheep-based ingredients, it is a nature-friendly way to give your nipples some love and care.

Beauty the Natural Way

Think about the many areas of your body you apply beauty products to. Each day your lips come into contact with moisturizers, your skin encounters chemicals, and you dab your eyes relentlessly to reduce the presence of wrinkles. Calendula is so gentle, that healthcare professionals recommend it for patients who are receiving treatment for cancer, but need to address the effects of radiation. Naturally, if this product is beneficial for those who are immune compromised and suffering from incredibly sensitive skin, it is going to work for you.

It is rare that nature produces an herb that is so potent and beneficial, it has multiple uses. A good dose of calendula is an excellent addition to your family’s health and beauty stash, as persons of all ages can benefit.

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