Lemon Oil Organic


10ml Glass bottle with dripulator

Uses: Organic Lemon Oil as with most citrus oils, is a good cleaner inside and out. Lemon can be used many ways, in baths, as room sprays, diffused, inhalation, and massage. Place a few drops on a handkerchief or put a few drop in your bath for a calming effect. Place a couple drops of oil with a cup of water in a diffuser, shake and spray into the air to help disinfect or deodorize the air. Add a few drops of lemon oil to warm water with honey to sooth a sore throat. Or add a few drops of lemon oil to a glass of water to aid with digestive problems, help regulate blood pressure, help with heartburn. Lemon oil is also used in skincare formulations for oily skin.


Product Description

Ingredients: Organic Certified pure Essential Oil of Lemon

Main Constituents: Limonene: 55 – 70%

Botanical name: Citrus limonum

Common name: Lemon Oil

Plant part: Fruit Peel

Extraction method: Cold Pressed

Origin: Italy

Some of the Therapeutic effects:

Lemon has strong antiseptic and astringent properties Lemon oil has been known to help skin complaints including cold sores, blisters, herpes, corns, calluses, athletes foot, boils, warts and verruca (plantar warts that occur on the soles of the feet), by applying a drop to the effected area 2 times a day. Lemon oil has also been known to assist in lowering blood pressure, helping colds, reducing fever and more.

Origins: Lemons were well known to Europe in the Middle Ages, Greeks and Romans were advocates of their therapeutic properties. Early seafarers stocked up on lemons before a long voyage to help prevent scurvy and to purify the ships drinking water. Its astringent and antiseptic properties were fully appreciated in first aid kits, used to treat cuts, bruises and insect bites.

Cautionary Note:  Organic Lemon Oil is non-toxic, but may cause skin irritation in some. Lemon is also phototoxic and should be avoided prior to exposure to direct sunlight. Avoid during pregnancy. Avoid mucus membranes (eyes/nose/mouth). Always consult with a Qualified Medical or Natural Therapy Practitioner before using essential oils for medicinal purposes.  This information on Lemon oil is for educational purposes only, it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We only stock cold pressed or steam extracted essential oils -(never solvent extracted)



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