Cream Skin Cleanser


55ml, 100ml  Glass Jars

Clean skin is essential for a healthy complexion. This is a massage in and tissue away cleanser, if you prefer a wash-off cleanser then try our Hydrating Cleansing Lotion.






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Cream Skin Cleanser is a gentle yet effective cleanser containing Witch Hazel and Grape Vinegar to deeply cleanse and remove impurities. Massage in, tissue away and follow treatment with a toner. If you prefer a wash-off cleanser, then Hydrating Cleansing Lotion is more suitable.

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Ingredients: Pure Spring Water, *(Olive) Olea europaea Oil, *(Sesame) Sesamum indicum Oil, *(Almond) Prunus dulcis Oil, and  *(Macadamia Nut Oil) Macadamia integrifolia Oil, *(Beeswax) Cera flava, *(Calendula Extract) Calendula officinalis (Coconut, cocos nucifera oil), *(Sunflower) Helianthus annuus Oil, *(Witch Hazel) Hamamelis virginiana , *White Grape Vinegar, plus a special blend of pure essential oils.

*Denotes an Organic Certified Ingredient. Choose Organic skin products for better health and wellbeing.




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55ML, 100ML


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