Deodorant Powder


200g Glass Mason Jar or refill package.

An extremely effective, totally safe and non-toxic deodorant, this is one of our top sellers. This powder deodorant is so effective with only a light dusting that each jar can last up to a year! Aluminum Free!




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Product Description

Our deodorant is an extremely effective, totally safe and non-toxic deodorant. No aluminum, artificial fragrance or any other synthetic ingredient. Just a pure blend of Essential Oils and top quality Bicarbonate of Soda well known for it’s anti-bacterial properties. Gently pat or dust powder onto dry underarm area using the sheep wool applicator provided. Refill package does not come with sheep wool applicator. Also fantastic for deodorizing footwear, pet bedding, carpeting.

Ingredients: Bicarbonate of Soda and a special blend of Essential Oils. (Clary Sage, Cypress, Lavender, Lemongrass, Rose Geranium, Rosewood)



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200g JAR, 200g REFILL


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    Thank you for making such great products! I really enjoy using them. Have been using the Baking soda Deodorant for just under 2 years and love it! So cost effective and such a great product :) Have a lovely day. F.H. Hamilton

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    Deodorant Powder.
I have used Viola Bicarbonate Deodorant for quite a few years, and my husband who usually has trouble finding a deodorant that works for him, has been using it since the beginning of this year, It’s truly great, very effective works the whole day, i.e. a round of golf on a hot day, easy to apply and feels so nice and dry, light fresh fragrance so does not clash with your body fragrance. “I love it”

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    I have been using Violas Bicarbonate Deodorant for approx 6 years, after a breast cyst scare turned me away from the everyday aluminium deodorants. I love it, and find that is it great for everyday use. The perfume is just Divine, and the screw top container travel very well. Though when under heavy workloads, ie tramping, yoga, etc I feel like a second dose in the day is good! Thank you for such great healthy products, and really speedy delivery, and safe credit card use, on the internet orders.

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    “deodorant is the best”
Your products are excellent. The deodorant powder is the best and sometimes I can skip a day. It will take me ages to use it all.

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    The Bicarb Deodorant is great! My son loves it too – said it’s the best he’s tried yet.

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