Evening Breeze Deodorant


50ml Glass bottle with roll on top.

Violas Roll-On deodorant has proven itself as a very effective antiperspirant. We are told constantly that this deodorant really works! See REVIEWS.




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Product Description

We have incorporated pure Bicarbonate of Soda into our Evening Breeze Deodorant formula, which provides excellent anti-bacterial properties, eliminating odour the natural way! With a beautiful floral fragrance, a silky quick-drying formula and NO ALUMINIUM!

Ingredients: Distilled Water, *(Aloe Vera Juice) Aloe barbadensis, *(Witch Hazel) Hamamelis virginiana, *(Lavender Hydrosol) Lavendula x intermedia, *Organic Cane Alcohol, * Vegetable Glycerin (Mahua) Madhuca Ionguifolia, Sodium Bicarbonate, Xanthan Gum (non GMO), and a unique blend of pure essential oils. (Neroli, Rose Geranium, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang).

*Denotes an Organic Certified Ingredient. Beauty products that are organic and natural make sense for better health and wellbeing.



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Bottle Type

200g JAR, 200g REFILL


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    Finally a deodorant without the nasties that works!
 Well looks like I wont be sending this back – its the best natural deodorant I’ve ever tried. It’s been working so well. I gave the other one to my sister to try and she thinks its great to. Finally a roll-on deodorant without the nasties that works Thanks so much.

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    Roll-On Deodorant Evening Breeze
I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU. I bought your deodorant (Roll-On Evening Breeze) and it’s the first organic deodorant I have bought that actually works. Well done! I feel tremendous relief that I no longer have to use those harmful chemical deodorants, and I am positively thrilled that I no longer smell like I haven’t had a shower all day (even though I had applied other deodorants up to 10 times a day!) yippee! I think your deodorant is amazing!! and I have told all my friends about it, keep up the good work.

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