Citrus Room Freshener


30ml Glass bottle with dropper.

This delightful blend of 100% pure essential oils freshens any room instantly and naturally.






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Product Description

A delightful blend of Essential Oils, some suggestions for use; 
Place a few drops
* on light bulb when you turn on light the warmth radiates the fragrance
* on the inside of toilet roll
* on vacuum HEPA filter or inside the vacuum cleaner bag
* in the rubbish bins
* to refresh Potpourri
* onto a cotton wool ball and place in car glove box or center console
* Can be used as an ant deterrent also, do not drop on painted surface, but suitable for aluminum joinery.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Steam Distilled Essential Oils of (Sweet Orange) Citrus sinensis, (Lemon) Citrus limonum, (Grapefruit) Citrus racemosa, (Lavender) Lavandula angustifolia, (Peppermint) Mentha arvensis, and (Citronella) Cymbopogon nardus.





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Bottle Type

200g JAR, 200g REFILL


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