Clean Dis Kitchen


100ml Glass bottle with dripulator.

Use in any room of the house on any surface. Simply shake a few drops onto a clean damp cloth. With so many “superbugs”and resistant bacteria at large it’s nice to know many pure essential oils have antiseptic, anti-bacterial properties. This blend contains the best of them.







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Product Description

Terrific for wiping down baby toys, highchairs, stroller handles etc. It simple evaporates and is non-toxic and safe for all ages. Smells so nice that a couple of drops into your kitchen bin works a treat. Ants hate the stuff – an added bonus! If you want to create your own ‘spray’n’wipe’ cleaner then add 1/2 tsp to a clean 250ml+ spray bottle, top with warm water and shake well before each use.

Ingredients: *Organic Cane Alcohol and a concentrated blend of pure essential oils including, *Rose Geranium, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Neem and more…

*Denotes an Organic Certified Ingredient.





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200g JAR, 200g REFILL


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