Calendula Baby Cream


55ml, 100ml Glass jar.

Calendula Baby Cream is one of our most acclaimed products with a well-deserved nickname of “miracle bum cream”! Our Calendula Baby Cream is also great for eczema, nappy rash, chaffing, cradle cap and more.




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Product Description

Especially formulated for baby’s delicate skin also popular with adults. Containing oils rich in Vitamin A, D and E combined with the healing powers of Calendula make this cream very effective in the treatment of all skin ailments. TIP: no need to apply all over every nappy change, so concentrated we recommend a light application to any irritated area only.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, *(Almond) Prunus dulcis Oil, *(Olive) Olea europaea Oil, *(Sunflower) Helianthus annus Oil, *(Beeswax) Cera flava, *(Jojoba) Simmondsia chinensis Oil, *Calendula Officinalis Extract in *(Coconut, cocos nucifera oil),  *Calendula Officinalis infused plus a special blend of pure essential oils.

*Denotes an Organic Certified Ingredient. Organic Certification is your assurance that every ingredient is free from synthetic chemical contamination.


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55ml, 100ml


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    The Calendula Baby Cream was great for my sons eczema and cradle cap.

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    Calendula Baby Cream
We just love it, it’s the only product we can use without him breaking out in a rash.

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    “nappy rash to school sores”
As a Public Health Nurse in the north I advised the use of these creams (Calendula Baby Cream & Calendula Ointment ) by many of the families that were referred to me. The creams were well received and in many instances had startling results from Nappy Rash to ‘School Sores’. The clients were most impressed with the results and I would not hesitate to recommend your products in the future.

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    “beautiful skin back and peaceful nights”
I have to say that the Calendula Baby Cream is amazing. The first time I used the cream the redness and irritation of my son’s eczema literally disappeared within a few minutes. I used the Viola liquid soap for his bath followed by the cream and within a week alltraces of the eczema had gone. So thanks heaps, he has his beautiful skin back and peaceful nights.

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