Anti-Acne Oil


30ml Glass bottle with dripulator.

Anti-Acne Oil has been designed to balance sebum production, a natural way of helping the skin balance breakouts.




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Product Description

This oil is easily absorbed and full of bacteriostatic and anti-scarring properties. Teenagers love it and it is far safer and superior to the acne creams and lotions so widely prescribed for this condition.

Ingredients: *Calendula officinalis and *Carrot oils (infused),  *(Almond) Prunus dulcis, *(Jojoba) Simmondsia chinensis Oil with a special blend of pure essential oils.

*Denotes an Organic Certified Ingredient. Organic Facial Products make sense for better health and wellbeing.




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Bottle Type

200g JAR, 200g REFILL


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    Anti-Acne Oil seems to be working wonders even after 2 days! 
I have started using your products and I am absolutely loving it so far. I also purchased the anti-acne oil as I still get breakouts (at the age of 34, it is really annoying) and it seems to be working wonders even after 2 days! In the past, I have tried all sorts of products full of acids and other chemicals but with no lasting results, so I’m crossing fingers this might be the answer I was looking for. Plus, it is such a relief to finally get rid of all those chemical products! Kind regards, E.T.

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    “I just can’t believe it”
I have been suffering from ‘adult’ acne for a couple of months now and it’s driven me up the wall. Well I’m absolutely gobsmacked with the results. I used a little Anti-Acne Oil on Friday night and Saturday morning thought that the areas looked really good. Used again on Saturday night and on Sunday morning, you could hardly see where the pimples had been. At the moment my skin looks amazing, I just can’t believe it, all gone in a couple of days. I wish I had had this oil a fews years ago when going through the ‘change’, unfortunately the spots lasted for well over a year, but I was determined not to use conventional medicines and they eventually disappeared until recently.

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    “I didn’t like to interfere but I’m glad I did now”
In the 5 days my daughter has been using Anti-Acne Oil we noticed an improvement. I had her using my Cream Skin Cleanser as well for the last 3 weeks and that has helped as well. I wish we had started her on your products a year back, it’s just that she was under a specialist using various creams etc. I didn’t like to interfere but I’m glad I did now.

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